At SV High we believe that all children are able learners and not merely students. It is therefore our responsibility to identify their strengths and open up their world to unlimited possibilities. Our teaching approach combines the best pedagogical practices of progressive education to suit the requirement of every learner. Our teaching methodology is objective-based, experiential, inclusive and embraces the voice and choice of the learners in their learning process. Our expereinced faculty is adept at creating class environment which keeps every learner optimally challenged in order for them to achieve their full growth potential and fuels a genuine love of learning.


At SV High School assessments are continuous and constructive in nature. While the assessment practice is grounded in the objectives and outcomes of the syllabi, our focus on nurturing the love for learning underpins our assessment policy. Student assessments are embedded in the teaching and learning process. The assessment activities are designed to inform instructions and provide evidence of learning for the skills and the concepts the students are expected to master at each level. Each student is appraised more against his or her individual progress rather than comparing his/her achievement against the class. The performance is reported with qualitative feedback and intervention plans to help students improve on their areas of wekaness and reach their potential in their areas of strength.



The aim of the language curriculum is to build Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing skills for clear, accurate and effective communication. English will be the first language and the medium of instruction. Tamil  & Hindi are offered as second and third language from grade 1 till grade 8 to be included. The instructional design not only helps the students to learn the language but also initiate them in the culture of the state..


The Mathematics curriculum promotes logical and problem solving skills and its application to various situation and disciplines. The instructional design at SV High ensures that children develop mathematical curiosity , skills and attitudes to become confident in using their learning in real-life situations and pursue the subject with interest during their higher studies.


The aim of the science curriculum is to build curiosity and knowledge about the natural world. Our curriculum does not just help the students to know the the facts, concepts, principles, and laws of science but encourages them to construct their own knowledge by re-examining these using scientific enquiry approach to learning. Our students learn to communicate their ideas scientifically, build scientific acumen through questioning and testing of new ideas. The well developed project plans and fully-equipped science laboratories enhances the learning experiences of the students  from their primary years. The technology curriculum aims at building the much required digital literacy skills and inculcate responsible digital citizenship in our students. 


The aim of the Social Science curriculum is to instil responsible social, environmental and community  citizensip traits in our students. Learning about the past gives them context to understand themselves and others. They learn how people, places and relationship between people and environment has changed over time. The curriculum gives the student the scope to delve on matters and issues of local, national and international significance and its impact  on their lives and others around them.


It is a common belief that sport teaches us all about life. The highs and lows experienced while playing a sport prepare a child for what’s to come in the future. We offer a combination of both individual and team sports that children can take part in and enjoy themselves while learning. Click here to know the sports offerred at SV High. ( Cricket, Badminton, Football, Footsol, Table Tennis, Martial Arts, Archery.)

Coming soon: Horse riding, Atheletic track, Swimming pool and a sports complex.


Performing Art gives students an opportunity to build on their cognitive skills and helps them express themselves creatively, teaches them perseverence, problem solving skills, the ability to focus  and allows them to explore different cultures via Art, Music, and Drama. The curriculum is developed for the students to be on an explorative journey of creativiry and develop their own sense and style to reflect their own individuality.


Our Kindergarten curriculum follows an eclectic approach to teaching and learning. This approach allows the teachers to adapt their teaching methodology to suit the needs of the students and the objective of the lesson. Purposeful, meaningful and engaging activities are planned for the children to learn through a play based approach to nurture their emotional, social, physical and cognitive development.

The curriculum is organised around themes to promote authentic learning experiences. Children make meaningful connections across the different learning areas of language, numeracy, the world and learn to express themselves creatively through art, music and movement.

Our Kindergarten curriculum helps the learners transit seamlessly to the Cambridge Primary Year Program.