About Our School

We are a group of dedicated educators focussed on providing children with the best experiences while growing up, guiding them in the path towards excellence and transforming them into well-rounded human beings.

  It is the experiences that shapes the learner’s attitudes towards learning. At SV High we are committed to provide a happy and joyful learning experiences to keep our learners intrinsically motivated and develop a positive attitude towards learning.

Our Management




Mrs Radha Srikanth



Mrs Radha Srikanth, MA, MPhil, BEd, CIDTT comes with 22 years of enriching experience in the field of Education across various Boards. Her varied experience ranges from classroom practitioner who taught English to a Coordinator and was further escalated to becoming a Leader. Her Defence background facilitated her moving across the country and helped her expand her horizons without limitations in terms of cultural and social diversity.

Apart from teaching Cambridge Primary and Secondary levels, her Cambridge International Diploma in Teaching and Training helped her mentor and train teachers on Active learning techniques and class room management.

She has dedicated her knowledge and experience towards learning and did research in Women empowerment studies that prodded her to do her dissertation on the same topic is mention worthy. She is a certified TKT trainer, a Cambridge endorsed Speaking examiner for the Advanced English courses with Cambridge and also a Cambridge Examiner for IGCSE Global Perspectives.

This knowledge and understanding paved way to take up the challenging Leadership role at various schools with CBSE, ICSE and IGCSE curriculum. She triumphantly navigated the learners in the schools towards learning, building confidence and decision making to face the dynamic outside world.Excellence is her credo that is what she lives by and has ensured she has not only imbued it in her students but has brought about her exacting standards to all that she has undertaken.

She strongly believes in continuous learning with work-life balance. She looks at the school as a community of learners where everyone learns including our teachers, parents and staff.

Our Mission

Provide a happy, safe, supporting and stimulating environment that creates joyful learning experiences for our students and encourages them to be spontaneous learners. Set up learning activities that allows our learner’s to inquire, engage, explore and express themselves in a variety of creative and interesting ways.

Our Vision

To be a school that fosters a genuine love of learning motivates the learners to develop curiosity and nurture their interest and passion. Our learners will not just adapt but become thoughtful and enabling members of the society.

Philosophy of education

The purpose of SV High is to provide its students quality education necessary to succeed in a global economy. It is our resolve to promote high academic standards, attract high quality teachers and foster parent-school involvement. We are committed to develop students who are independent, responsible, innovative, reflective, curious and lifelong learners. We strongly believe that education should provide opportunities for cognitive, social, emotional and physical development. Hence, we offer a balanced curriculum comprising of internationally reputed academic program facilitated in group and individual settings with a rich and varied context along with benchmarked non-academic activities by the professionals in the industry.

Philosophy of Instruction

The instructional philosophy of SV High is to ensure learning occurs in a safe, child-centric, and positive environment. The staff serve as positive role models, mentors, and contributing team members to help students achieve academic success, imbibe life skills, and develop values of good citizenship. Our teaching approach combines the best pedagogical practices of progressive education. The instructional methodology is objective-based, experiential, and inclusive, embracing the voice and choice of the learners thereby empowering them with ownership in their own learning. SV High’s learning approaches are rooted in the belief that classroom experiences are most influential in fostering the joy of learning and confidence, which in turn shapes the learner’s attitudes towards learning. We are committed to providing learning experiences that are joyful and keep our learners intrinsically motivated. This does not imply that learning be made easier or requires less rigor, but rather, to provide sustained optimum challenges in teaching and learning for every learner. Such approaches help fuel a genuine love of learning in and of itself. We value the unique strengths and talents of the learners by recognizing that there are multiple intelligences, each deserving equal importance and needing nurturing to unleash the potential of the learners.

The school follows the Cambridge curriculum from grade 1 onwards. Accreditation from Cambridge International has given us the advantage of having access to the best education program supported with resources and training. Cambridge International offers a broad and balanced curriculum with plenty of opportunities to develop creativity, critical thinking, and wellbeing. The incredible range of subjects at differential levels offered in the IGCSE and A levels with multiple exam sessions helps students to customize their curriculum as per their interest, ability, and aspirations.